Technical Pool Solutions

Technical Pool Solutions offers a unique variety of pool chemicals that suit your pool or spas every need. You won’t be able to find these products anywhere else.


Our uniquely formulated Clear Cloudy Pools Product was designed for busy commercial pools that can't afford to close when they have a cloudy pool.  This will clear up cloudy residential pools as well. Typically you need to raise the chlorine level in a pool to about 10 PPM to clear up a cloudy pool.  Then you have to lower the chlorine level typically back under 5 PPM to resume use of the pool.  This product, being non-chlorine based, doesn't require pool closure unless the pool is so cloudy you shouldn't use the pool.  The typical rule of thumb is if you can clearly see the main drain, you can use the pool.  However, don't add this, or any chemical to a pool while swimmers are present.  Clear Cloudy Pools is a complex formulation of clarifiers that should work on all types of matter in the pool.  It is simple to use, and should work 100% of the time, assuming your pump and filter are working correctly.


Our Heavy Duty Pool Filter Cleaner provides better filtration, your sand needs to be changed less often, helps to clean D.E. filter grids, you are less likely to ever even develop a cloudy pool, and this also helps to eliminate biofilm in your filter for a safer pool.


Our Pool Iron Stain Remover chemical is the best out there. Use it to remove pool iron stains. If this chemical doesn't remove the stains, then you probably don't have iron stains. You can also use this product to remove iron from your pool filter.


Our Heavy Duty Pool Clarifier #114 is a highly advanced pool clarifier and coagulant. It is designed to remove tiny suspended particles in your pool water by trapping them in your filter. This product can be used weekly to keep your pool water crystal clear and to prevent cloudy pool water. This product works on indoor and outdoor pools and spas.


Our Spa Foam Eliminator eliminates the cause of foaming on commercial spas. This is not a temporary cure like silicone-based defoamers, which only keep the foam under control for short periods of time. This specially formulated product eliminates the matter in the water that causes foaming. This product doesn’t work immediately like silicone-based defoamers. You need to use this product weekly for about 3 to 4 weeks before you see the foaming permanently disappear. It may take this long to clean the system out.


Our Eliminate Combined Chlorine Product is designed to eliminate combined chlorine including organic combined chlorine and inorganic combined chlorine.

When you should see results with this product:

Every pool is different. For some pools you will eliminate combined chlorine with only one or two treatments, other pools may take considerably longer. Eliminate Combined Chlorine (ECC) cleans out your system; including biofilms that can be a leading cause of reoccurring combined chorine problems. The biofilm can take a while in some pools

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